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Because each client has unique challenges and objectives, GlobeScan brings a pragmatic and collaborative approach to each project. We use rigorous quantitative and qualitative research to provide the evidence that leads to better decisions for our clients. This is often done by using well-constructed enquiries and engagement processes to deeply understand the perspectives of our clients’ most important stakeholders.

Evidence, while critical, is not sufficient. GlobeScan has a well-earned reputation for converting evidence into ideas, and building these into value-generating strategies for our clients.

GlobeScan has developed and applies a powerful array of innovative analytical approaches and models that are at the leading edge of the fields of reputation, brand, sustainability, engagement and trends to provide a high order of structured counsel. We then engage our clients and their stakeholders in facilitated workshops to turn our evidence, analysis and recommendations into integrated action programs.

Overall, GlobeScan provides a seamless approach that draws on all of our practice areas and delivers a truly multidisciplinary boutique service.

“Nothing can be more inspiring, challenging and rewarding for me than...

... striving to develop the best solutions for the best of causes. GlobeScan provides me with the creative space to design innovative approaches to solve our clients’ complex problems.” 

Dr. Eugene Kritski
Vice President, Methodology and Advanced Analytics

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GlobeScan brings a pragmatic and collaborative approach to our work, using rigorous methodologies and innovative approaches to deliver a seamless and value-added boutique service for clients.