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Chairman’s Message

Video-Thumbnail-Chairmans-Message Doug Miller, Chairman, introduces GlobeScan  At GlobeScan, we believe in the wisdom of crowds. As James Surowiecki said in his 2004 book on the subject, 'Under the right circumstances groups are remarkably intelligent and are often smarter than the smartest people in them.'

Over the last 25 years we have seen how well-constructed surveys and engagement processes provide these 'right circumstances', delivering the collective wisdom of experts and stakeholders, as well as the general public, on topics ranging from sustainability and climate change through to predicting changes in business context and assessing company performance on key reputation drivers.

My colleagues and I bring three fundamentals to our work: we are progressive in outlook, independent in spirit, and collaborative in approach. We are pleased to have a growing number of strategic partnerships with leading organizations focused, as we are, on “doing well by doing good” in the world. We are proud of our client list, and proud to be helping increase trust, innovation, and value for both clients and society.

We operate globally but with local insight. The global scale is vital in today’s world, where both issues and clients’ reputations are increasingly being decided. We are honoured to lead a network of like-minded research institutes and consultancies in over fifty countries, many of which have been licensed GlobeScan Partners for over a decade. These accomplished colleagues help us deliver reliable evidence and ideas, then apply them, across all continents.

Together, we work very hard to earn the trust of all players. This gives us unrivalled access to the right people for our assignments, including key decision-makers and their influencers. It also means our work is used to brief Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, and NGO leaders.

Our talented GlobeScan team shares my passion for our work, and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to all our projects (including ten nationalities and many academic disciplines). We have built a dynamic and engaged employee culture across multiple time zones, where ideas are welcomed from all sides. This enables us to deliver the best for our clients and to continuously innovate at the head of our field.

We live in challenging times, but my colleagues and I are united in the belief that, by bringing the “wisdom of crowds” to decision tables, we are playing a part in achieving a sustainable and just world for all.

Doug Miller

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GlobeScan is an evidence-led strategy consultancy focused on stakeholder intelligence and engagement.

Offering a suite of specialist research and advisory services, GlobeScan partners with clients to meet strategic objectives across reputation, sustainability and purpose.

GlobeScan’s overarching purpose is to help our clients redefine what it means to be in business.

Why GlobeScan?

GlobeScan empowers influential and forward-looking organizations to build enduring value-creating relationships, and to work collaboratively in delivering a sustainable future for all.

GlobeScan achieves this by consistently providing evidence-led strategic counsel that understands the drivers, dynamics, and outcomes of these relationships and networks, throughout the global business, NGO, and multilateral organization communities.

GlobeScan makes sense of the fast-moving external context and complex stakeholder ecosystem, and helps clients develop an integrated strategy to build stronger reputations, create valuable brands, and optimize societal impacts.

GlobeScan is committed to combining rigorous research with creative and challenging thinking to instill trust, drive engagement, and inspire innovation within, around, and beyond our clients’ organizations.