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We live in a world of increasing stakeholder expectations, mounting economic, social, and environmental challenges, and disruptive technologies. In this period of unprecedented change, business needs to seize the opportunities inherent in this fast moving context.

At GlobeScan, we believe a strong, dynamic, and authentic Brand Purpose at the heart of an organization is pivotal for building enduring value: a Brand Purpose that is a compelling and consistent expression of institutional values and intent.

For us, the Brand Purpose may be embodied in the corporate brand, championed by a product brand, or demonstrated in a campaign or initiative. It’s whatever can most effectively, legitimately, and consistently engage and empower teams within, around, and beyond the business.

The role of the Brand Purpose is to effectively articulate, defend, demonstrate, and advance not what the organization does, but why it does it. GlobeScan helps clients find that purpose, resource it, and use it to maximum effect.

Growing Corporate Brand Value

GlobeScan works with clients often from the very outset of their journey, be it positioning, brand development, or harmonizing new initiatives with existing brand assets. We often partner with our clients’ roster agencies, to ensure the strongest and most durable foundations are laid for what emerges as the core purpose of the organization.

In many cases, there is a focus on the unrealized value of the corporate brand. GlobeScan excels at giving voice to this corporate asset and driving greater value across the enterprise.

Our Brand Services

Our work focuses on establishing meticulous evidence and uncovering deep insights to drive both the strategic and creative development of the Brand Purpose. Our services include:

  • Brand tracking and proprietary brand health metrics
  • Corporate positioning assessment and development within competitive set
  • Social purpose “discovery” research and facilitated workshops
  • Employee and stakeholder engagement on what you stand for
  • Evidence-led positioning, “signature initiative,” and brand development

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Bringing evidence-led rigour to strategic brand development, we help organizations identify, differentiate, and harmonize their societal proposition across their entire stakeholder network, securing commitment within the organization and attention beyond.


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Caroline Holme
Director, Brand Practice Lead
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“It can be a thrilling process of discovery to work on developing an organization’s brand. Whether it’s a global company or a campaigning non-profit, we derive a lot of satisfaction from unpeeling the layers of what an organization does and how it works, to understand what’s at the core. But this is just the start of the journey. As we work with our clients and partner agencies to build a brand positioning, we ensure the voice of the stakeholder is heard throughout the whole process. At GlobeScan we believe a successful brand needs to make a strong connection with its stakeholders.”