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Sustainability, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, citizenship, philanthropy, shared value. There are many terms for describing business’ role in society.

Whether it’s the beginning of the journey, or an update to ongoing strategy, GlobeScan is uniquely placed to support our clients’ commitment to doing well by doing good.

Rich Track Record

For 25 years, GlobeScan has been the global research partner of choice for leadership organizations in sustainability—from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, to Fairtrade International, to the UN Environment Programme, with many global companies in between.

For one of our clients, sustainability means connecting the world’s markets to enable trade where limited access had previously capped development. To another, it means leaving a remote community in better shape than before the company had arrived. To yet another, it means empowering consumers globally to make purchase decisions that improve well-being for themselves, workers and the environment.

GlobeScan works with clients across all sectors to help them fundamentally optimize their long-term success through social and environmental responsibility.

No Success in a Failed World

Business is witnessing increasing pressures and challenges around both natural and social capital. More than this, expectations are rapidly rising for business to find ways to secure, replenish, and restore natural and social capital wherever they operate, and lead society to a better future.

Fundamentally, sustainability is about innovation and transformation. GlobeScan is committed to helping our clients lead the transformation that in turn will lead their markets and create durable value for all.

We have found that sustainability needs to permeate all that the organization stands for, and all that organization does: from its operations to its products and services to engagement with society.

Our Sustainability Services

We bring our rich history of experience in the sustainable development field to bear on each assignment, offering the following services: 

  • Briefings on trends and best practice
  • Developing the business case
  • Anticipatory issues management
  • Benchmarking expectations and performance
  • Sustainability strategy: foundation laying, refinement, and implementation
  • Corporate reputation and sustainability: quantifying the value of sustainability in driving reputation
  • Market research related to ethical consumerism, green marketing, and sustainable consumption
  • Initiative development

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Having helped shape the sustainable development agenda since the release of the Brundtland Report on Our Common Future in 1987, we help organizations identify, build, and demonstrate their commitment to securing a sustainable future for all.


Contact our Sustainability Leader

Eric Whan
Director, Sustainability Practice Lead
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"To us, sustainability is more than an aspiration. It’s a vitally indispensable outcome. For me, this is an energizing space to work in. While the challenges are profound, working with clients to help achieve the future we collectively need rewards us all. It’s not a coincidence that our best clients have histories spanning well over a century. We’ve demonstrated that sustainability cannot be confined within an organizational silo. It needs to saturate everything that an organization does. We work in partnership with our clients to help them get there."