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GlobeScan Radar: in a fast-changing world, context is everything

Global organizations need greater insight on how to better manage risks and capitalize on opportunities in uncertain times, build trust with their stakeholders and society, and exert a greater influence in shaping their external context.

Faced with these challenges, what can those charged with managing companies and their reputation do to stay ahead of the game?

GlobeScan Radar can help

GlobeScan Radar is a program of evidence and counsel that draws upon GlobeScan’s unique database of nearly twenty years of tracking of global (20-30 country) citizen and stakeholder perceptions around business and its role in society. A partnership with GlobeScan through Radar provides you and your team with access to briefings and data, insight from societal trends on how companies are living up to public expectations, and how your peers in other sectors are handling potential threats to their reputation.

A GlobeScan Radar briefing will give you a comprehensive understanding of the social context in which your business operates around the world to guide communications, issues management, and initiative development. Through performance ratings, it will help you identify how views of your sector are changing, and which sectors and businesses are the emerging leaders and laggards.

Adding custom, proprietary questions to GlobeScan Radar in select countries is a cost-effective way to obtain high-value metrics on issues directly relevant to your business. The business and society framework for the survey is ideal for gathering thoughtful insights related to reputation, corporate responsibility and sustainability. Read more about our GlobeScan Radar Omnibus program.

The benefits of Radar

Designed for Executive Committees, Heads of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications, and Heads of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, GlobeScan Radar equips organizations with answers to the strategic questions they face.

Radar for Contextual Understanding

    • What economic, environmental and social issues are growing in concern? 
    • How is support for government regulation of specific sectors changing over time?
    • How are consumer preferences and behaviors changing over time?

Radar for Reputation Management

    • Which sectors have the strongest reputation and which issues are driving this reputation? 
    • How can you improve trust in your sector and your organization?
    • How do different sectors fulfil their responsibilities to society?

Radar for Sustainability Strategy

    • Who has the best reputation on sustainability and why?
    • Where is the business case for sustainability strongest and why?
    • Which countries / consumer segments are demanding more sustainable products?

Membership of the GlobeScan Radar program also gives you access to the whole GlobeScan team of consultants. GlobeScan helps global companies, across 10 different sectors, to measure, understand and track their reputation and build trust among their stakeholders.

Sector Intelligence

GlobeScan is a world leader in reputation measurement and management. While most of our work is proprietary and customized for clients, we believe it is important for companies to understand reputational context of their industry. Our annual research with the global public tracks perceptions of 14 industries and makes for an important starting point for any reputation management journey. Click here to learn more.

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GlobeScan Radar is a program of evidence and counsel that draws upon GlobeScan’s unique database of over fifteen years of tracking of global (20-30 countries) citizen and stakeholder perceptions around business and its role in society.

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