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Video-Thumbnail-GS-Foundation Doug Miller, Foundation President, introduces The GlobeScan Foundation 

What better way to celebrate GlobeScan’s 25th anniversary than to launch The GlobeScan Foundation, dedicated to the application of social science to help solve humanity’s challenges?

We have chosen the theme “Letting Everyone Speak” to manifest our mission for two reasons. First, we believe everyone has the right to speak on matters that affect their lives. And secondly, when we let everyone speak, we open up the possibility of collaboration, which we believe is essential for meeting humanity’s challenges.

Over the last 25 years, GlobeScan Incorporated has done a great deal of pro bono work—for global NGOs, Complus, UN agencies, and foundations among others.
Now, with our Foundation, we are able to focus and magnify our non-commercial work in order to advance progress for all.

The GlobeScan Foundation Goals:

  1. To conduct non-commercial global polls on matters of public interest
  2. To give voice to influential experts and stakeholders on important topics
  3. To develop and apply engagement processes that can unlock mass collaboration to solve problems


Perceived Freedom Index

In order to better understand how different nationalities and groups rate their freedom, GlobeScan’s Advanced Analytics Team applied some statistical techniques to reveal deeper insights into how perceptions of freedom differ across the 17 countries included in our latest poll of 17,000 people.

Learn more:
Perceived Freedom Index

BBC/GlobeScan Press Release on Freedom
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With our support, Back2Basics, a social enterprise, has delivered 30,000 pounds of fresh organic food to local Food Banks and service agencies, and trained over 100 volunteers and at-risk youth as organic gardeners.

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The Lord Holme Memorial LEAD Bursary

In memory of the former Chairman of GlobeScan and LEAD International, the late Richard Holme, GlobeScan provides an annual grant to an individual or groups of candidates from developing nations with a commitment to sustainable development.

Details on recipients:
2013 | 2012 | 2011


HAITIAN Quality of Life Improved by Solar Lanterns

Jan 2014 - A study by the GlobeScan Foundation and MPOWERD Inc. demonstrates the significant improvements in quality of life that Luci inflatable solar lanterns can deliver for rural Haitian families.

Read the Press Release

Download the Report


As 2012 is both the 25th anniversary of the Brundtland World Commission Report and the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, we have launched this initiative with our partners at SustainAbility to reinvigorate leadership and develop a roadmap for a new decade of progress on sustainable development.

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The GlobeScan Foundation is dedicated to helping achieve a sustainable and just world for all. We focus on developing and applying a range of social science tools to give voice to global publics, help unlock collaboration and accelerate progress.


Views on the State of the World

Just as the Consumer Confidence Index is a reliable predictor of our economic future, the GlobeScan Foundation believes that hope can predict our potential as a global society to overcome the social, economic and environmental challenges we face.

We are pleased to release the first Hope Index, reflecting the degree to which 12,000 citizens across 12 countries express optimism on current trends and hope for Humanity's future.

PRESS RELEASEHope Prevails In Spite of the Magnitude of Humanity’s Challenges: Global Poll

REPORTThe Hope Index: A Survey of Citizen Views on the State of Our World

BLOGWhy We Need a Hope Index, by Dr. Melaina Vinski

We especially want to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can further develop the Hope Index and include more countries in future years. Please join the conversation via our blog!

The Regeneration Roadmap

The Regeneration Roadmap, a collaborative and multi-faceted initiative by GlobeScan and SustainAbility, aims to provide a roadmap for achieving sustainable development within the next generation, focusing in particular on ways the private sector can improve sustainable development strategy, increase credibility and deliver results at greater speed and scale.

Nearly 25 years after the Brundtland Commission released Our Common Future, and 20 years after the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, The Regeneration Roadmap assesses progress made on the sustainable development agenda and offers a new path forward.

This project is inspired by interviews with sustainable development Pioneers, the Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews, conducted over the last year and will include perspectives from a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

We invite you to join us in the year ahead as we embark on a journey to explore the past, present and future of sustainable development.

Video-Thumbnail--TRPChris Coulter, President, introduces The Regeneration Roadmap


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