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GlobeScan recognizes the importance of proactively establishing a deep and strategic understanding of an organization’s stakeholder network. Strong, vibrant and engaged stakeholder networks allow organizations to create value and thrive for the long-term, reduce reputation risks and allow for co-created innovation.

Stakeholder engagement helps organizations understand stakeholder issues, expectations and opportunities leading to stronger stakeholder relations. GlobeScan’s Stakeholder Engagement toolbox includes:

1) Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Development

  • Stakeholder mapping and issues prioritization
  • Stakeholder messaging and narrative architecture

2) Stakeholder Convenings

  • In-person stakeholder meetings, salons, roundtables
  • Online stakeholder collaboration forums
  • Webinars tailored for stakeholder audiences

3) Thought Leadership

  • Stakeholder dialogue interviews
  • Primary research on key issues, themes

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Stakeholder Intelligence and Engagement is GlobeScan’s methodology to help organizations understand, measure and build trust within their stakeholder networks.


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