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The focus of the first Better Future Forum, on 2 – 3 July 2013, was the carbon net positive framework that sits behind BT’s Net Good goal – to help customers reduce carbon emissions by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of the business by 2020.

More than two hundred sustainability experts from twenty-two countries joined GlobeScan and BT in a global online dialogue to explore how ‘net positive’ strategies can help businesses play their part in addressing sustainability challenges. Participants were joined by senior executives from across BT's business, and external guests including Dame Ellen MacArthur, Peter Lacy and Jasmine Whitbread.

Three discussion sessions took place, each lasting 90 minutes. An overarching question was posted at the beginning of each session, and the conversations were moderated by GlobeScan senior consultants.


Nearly eight hundred ideas and comments were posted throughout the Forum – on average three posts a minute. These were analysed by GlobeScan and reviewed with BT immediately after the Forum closed, and key action points co-created.

Three main themes emerged from the Forum insights:

  • Engage consumers – the Forum saw a real need to engage wider groups, particularly consumers and investors, to communicate net positive benefits and measure impacts.
  • Big ideas, big energy – net positive and the circular economy are inspiring ideas and generate energy and focus, encouraging disruptive thinking and engaging diverse stakeholders
  • Innovate and collaborate – communications technology has the potential for new collaborative approaches, to stimulate co-creation across sectors of ideas, products, services and business models for a net positive future


To move from insights and ideas to action, a series of commitments was made by BT and agreed with BT’s Board Committee for Sustainable and Responsible Business. These were posted in a highlights report and video before the close of the Forum.

The discussions reinforced that collaboration is key to moving the net positive agenda forward, especially through driving innovations, encouraging disruptive thinking and shaping new business models. BT committed to the following next steps to Net Good:

  • Motivate collaborative approaches across sectors, to move business forward to help build momentum on net positive leadership
  • Participate in principles – working with others to develop and promote common principles and different models for approaching net positive
  • Influence positive stakeholder behaviours – working with others to achieve the shift of mindsets, especially amongst consumers and investors, essential to deliver the scale of change needed

The insights and next steps emerging from the Forum are summarised in the full report from GlobeScan and BT.


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“It was a great experience for me and the GlobeScan team to work with Kevin and his colleagues in the Better Future team and across the business. Their openness and commitment to making a ‘net positive’ environmental contribution is inspiring.”

Caroline Holme



“GlobeScan was a true partner for BT on the Better Future Forum. We worked hand in hand with an experienced team, from the germ of an idea for a collaborative platform, to developing the content, and then to the day itself, when GlobeScan consultants led dynamic and inspiring conversations. We valued GlobeScan’s expertise in distilling a wealth of ideas and comments, and co-creating the insights and next steps”

Kevin Moss
Head of Net Good