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GlobeScan collaborated closely with the ICRC to develop a survey instrument and analysis tools that could be applied to varying stakeholder audiences including the media, academics, and political authorities. The tools provide a consistent set of outputs showing overall reputation, performance on key aspects of reputation, and the impact of different elements on overall reputation. Stakeholders were asked what they considered to be the most pressing humanitarian issues of the day, providing valuable context.


Looking at both top-level reputation measures and more detailed attributes, we were able to assess the ICRC’s reputation across different stakeholder groups, also allowing comparative analysis. The ICRC was generally seen to have a strong reputation. We were able to establish which aspects of the ICRC’s work are especially important in driving its reputation—suggesting these should be emphasized in external communications while also suggesting areas the ICRC should focus on.


Knowing which points of its reputation were considered to be least strong, and by whom, has allowed our client to focus both practical improvements and communications efforts where they are most needed. Overall, the research continues to help our client maintain an already highly favorable reputation.



“The ICRC’s humanitarian work is valuable on a global scale, so it’s really exciting to be working with them on these issues. With any Multilateral of this scale, being responsive to myriad stakeholder groups is a real challenge – being able to work with the ICRC in addressing this challenge is hugely motivational.”

Femke de Man


“Since 2008, ICRC has retained GlobeScan to design and conduct our global reputation research. In addition to designing a robust reputation measurement tool, GlobeScan provides the ICRC with strategic recommendations, based on the advanced analysis of data, designed to enhance our external communications and stakeholder management. I have found GlobeScan to be very efficient, professional and flexible on tight deadlines. They have also provided valuable advice to ICRC around improvements to our reputation management strategy.”

Kelnor Panglungtshang
Research Advisor