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16/12/11: GlobeScan and the Haas Center for Responsible Business release: The Future of Finance

New report features insights from global thought leaders in the financial sector

06/12/11: Americans and British View Nonprofits as Effective Change Makers Yet Still Plan to Give the Same or Less

Findings from The 2011 Social Good Survey by GlobeScan and Fenton

25/11/11: Opposition to Nuclear Energy Grows: Global Poll

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

02/11/11: Widespread Optimism on Crucial Role of Sustainability in Corporate Strategy

Results from the 2011 BSR/GlobeScan State of Sustainable Business Poll

02/11/11: Rich Nations Gloomy, Emerging Economies Upbeat: Global Consumer Confidence Poll

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

14/10/11: Public Respect for Banks Lower than Ever

New findings from the GlobeScan Radar Report

11/10/11: Shopping Choices Can Make a Positive Difference to Farmers and Workers in Developing Countries

New findings from Fairtrade's 2011 Consumer Survey

11/10/11: High trust and global recognition makes Fairtrade an enabler of ethical consumer choice

New findings from Fairtrade's 2011 Consumer Survey

18/09/11: Public Narrowly Backs UN Recognition of Palestine: Global Poll

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

20/07/11: Social Media Users “More Active” As Ethical Consumers: Global Poll

Findings from the GlobeScan Radar Report

22/06/11: Global Poll Shows Public Support for Taliban Negotiations

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

20/06/11: Indian Brands Set to Conquer the West: New Report

Findings from a GlobeScan poll conducted for TLG

17/06/11: U.S. Mayors Find Ways to Advance Energy, Sustainability Efforts Despite Economy

New Poll for The U.S. Conference of Mayors, sponsored by Siemens

15/06/11: Rising Food Prices Are Changing What We Eat, Reveals New Global Food Survey

New Poll for Oxfam International’s GROW campaign

07/06/11: Sustainability Experts View Nuclear Power as “Not Essential” to Low-Carbon Future

Findings from The Sustainability Survey

25/05/11: Indonesia and USA “Most Entrepreneur-Friendly Nations”: Global Poll

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

06/04/11: Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

Findings from the GlobeScan Radar Report

27/03/11: Rising Concern about China's Increasing Power: Global Poll

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

07/03/11: International Views of US Continue to Improve

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

06/03/11: Positive Views of Canada's Influence on the Rise

Findings from a BBC World Service poll

07/02/11: Nine in Ten Miami Residents Express Concern for Increased Energy Costs

Latest study of climate change performance from GlobeScan

21/01/11: Continued Public Support for Going 'Beyond GDP'

New global poll with Ethical Markets Media


12/09/10: Corruption Is World's Most Talked About Problem

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

12/07/10: Environmental Concern, not Economy Top Issue Facing Mining Industry

Results from the ICMM global stakeholder survey

12/02/10: Climate Concerns Decline Since Copenhagen Summit

Latest findings from the GlobeScan Radar Poll

11/22/10: Education and Water are critical areas for sustainability

Latest results from the BT/GlobeScan India Sustainable Development Index

10/20/10: Amid Rich Country Pessimism, Chinese Consumers Remain Upbeat

Results from the GlobeScan's Consumer Sentiment Index survey

10/12/10: 'Dealing with debt,' Public opinion on reducing deficits

GlobeScan’s latest poll reported in the Econonomist

10/12/10: Measuring Responsibility and Trust: The CSR Ratings Game

GlobeScan and SustainAbility present a salon in our London offices

10/04/10: Experts Trust Ratings Organizations Less Than NGOs and Employees as Judges of Sustainability Performance

Findings from GlobeScan's The Sustainability Survey

09/28/10: Global Publics Believe More Than Half of Taxes Misspent

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

09/17/10: International Business Influencer Study Highlights BBC's Role In Driving Britain's Reputation

Latest findings from a BBC poll

09/05/10: UK Public Favours Cutting Government Debts

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

07/06/10: 63% of Indian Consumers Want Government to Enact CR Laws

Latest findings from the GlobeScan Radar Poll

06/08/10: Sustainability Performance Key to Enhancing Brand

Latest findings from GlobeScan's sustainability experts survey

06/03/10: Increase in Green Behaviour--Indians Ranked Most Sustainable

Findings from the National Geographic / GlobeScan Greendex

06/29/10: Rob Kerr, Vice President of GlobeScan discusses sustainability

A video interview around findings from Siemens' The Sustainable Cities Challenge In Canada report

06/01/10: Chinese Increasingly Sceptical of Companies' CSR Communications

Latest findings from GlobeScan's 2010 global Radar poll

05/18/10: Quality of life will depend on sustainable infrastructure

2010 Siemens survey of Canadian stakeholders

05/11/10: ADB delivering development results

Insights from a stakeholder survey, conducted by GlobeScan

05/01/10: 86% of Britons expect fair treatment of workers in 3rd world

Findings from the 2010 Fairtrade/GlobeScan poll

05/01/10: 20% of UK consumers punish irresponsible companies

Findings from the 2010 Fairtrade/GlobeScan poll

04/18/10: Global views of US have improved markedly since 2009

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

03/25/10: 'Water Views': Perspectives on the Global Water Crisis

A global study commissioned by Molson Coors, conducted by GlobeScan and Circle of Blue

03/16/10: Global water shortage will transform business operations, industrial practices over next decade

Findings from the latest Sustainability Survey

03/07/10: Four in Five Regard Internet Access as a Right

Latest findings from a BBC World Service global poll

02/13/10: Global Poll Shows Wide Enthusiasm for Online Dating

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

02/11/10: "Old dogs and new Tricks"

GlobeScan's polling data appearing in the Economist

02/11/10: Positive Views of Canada’s Influence Decline

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

02/10/10: Les gouvernements jugés principaux responsables de la crise

GlobeScan’s polling data appearing in Les Echos

01/17/10: Poverty most serious world problem

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll


12/23/09: Who says climate change matters?

Climate poll highlights on the BBC’s World Agenda

12/16/09: Climate change professionals expect Europe to demonstrate leadership at UN summit

Findings from a GlobeScan study

12/07/09: Climate Concerns Continue to Increase

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

11/12/09: Investments in green technologies to grow post-crisis

Findings released at the APEC CEO Summit

11/09/09: 20 Years after Fall of Berlin Wall, Wide Dissatisfaction with Capitalism

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

11/03/09: GlobeScan/BSR State of Sustainability Business Poll

Download the top line findings

11/02/09: Copenhagen: Deal or No Deal?

Results from the HSBC Climate Confidence Monitor, conducted by GlobeScan

10/22/09: Climate Change, Human Rights Top Sustainability Priorities for Business Leaders at BSR Conference

Latest findings from the GlobeScan/BSR poll of industry experts

10/14/09: Asian Nations—but Not Japan—among World’s Most Confident Consumers

From GlobeScan’s International Consumer Sentiment Index

10/13/09: Siemens and GlobeScan to launch global sustainability survey.

Results to be released at 2009 APEC CEO Summit

09/29/09: Strong Climate Change Agreement Would Unleash Tremendous Growth Opportunities

Latest findings from The Sustainability Survey experts poll

09/26/09: Download the 2009 report of results of the Climate Change Decision Maker Survey (PDF file, 3.7 MB)

A collaborative survey of 1,000 decision makers and influencers across 100+ countries

09/23/09: American Business Confirm Value of Corporate Citizenship

Findings from the Boston College 2009 CR survey, conducted by GlobeScan

09/17/09 - Global Public Wants Governments to Act on Climate Change, Despite Economic Impact

Latest findings from a UNEP/GlobeScan poll

09/13/09 - Global Poll Shows Support for Increased Government Spending

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/10/09 - Water Pollution and Scarcity Top China’s Environmental Challenges

Findings from a Circle of Blue / GlobeScan Global Public Opinion Survey

08/18/09 - Global Public Opinion Survey Finds Water Issues top Environmental Concern Worldwide

Results were released in Stockholm as part of World Water Week

07/22/09 - Companies and Governments Lag NGOs in Driving Sustainability

Findings from the first annual Sustainability Survey by GlobeScan and SustainAbility

07/20/09 - Molson Coors and Circle of Blue to Partner in Water Sustainability Research

First initiative will be to launch a GlobeScan survey

06/12/09 - Metropolitan Infrastructure Sustainability Study

The latest report prepared for the U.S. Conference of Mayors conducted by Siemens and Globescan

05/13/09 - National Geographic and GlobeScan present the 2009 Greendex

17-country tracking survey finds increase in green consumer behaviour worldwide

05/01/09 - Rating the Performance of Global Brands on Sustainability

The Financial Times reports on a recent study by GlobeScan for Havas Media

04/22/09 - Russia Believes World Sees It As ‘Force for Good’

Findings from a BBC Russian Service poll

03/31/09 - Economic Systems Need Major Changes

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

03/04/09 - Corporate Social Responsibility in the Economic Crisis

Notes from a salon hosted by GlobeScan London

02/19/09 - Corporate Social Responsibility in the Economic Downturn

Notes from a salon hosted by GlobeScan and CBSR

02/06/09 - Views of China and Russia Decline in Global Poll

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

01/20/09 - Growing Optimism That Obama Will Improve US Relations

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll


12/09/08 - Combating Climate Change and Boosting Growth Are Natural Allies

Latest findings from a survey of climate change professionals

11/26/08 - GlobeScan Salon Briefing

Addressing Extreme Poverty

11/18/08 - BT and GlobeScan launch a Sustainable Development Index for India

Findings from the index report

11/13/08 - World Losing Faith in Globalized Economy: Global Poll

23-Nation study examines public opinion on the global economy

11/07/08 - European climate experts show strong support for mandatory emissions performance standards

New findings from a recent survey of Europe-based experts and policymakers

10/24/08 - Young Peoples' Views on Climate Change

New findings from a multi-country survey conducted for UNEP

10/15/08 - Higher Food and Energy Prices are a Burden

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/30/08 - Al Qaeda Not Weakening

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/25/08 - La Presse Affaires

GlobeScan PDG, Lloyd Hetherington, commente sur le changement du climat a la conference d'ESOMAR 2008 tenu a Montreal

09/10/08 - All Countries in Global Poll Prefer Obama to McCain

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

08/04/08 - World Still Wary of Modern China

Latest findings from a recent BBC Newsnight poll

07/01/08: Climate Decision Makers Call for More Political Leadership and a Clear Policy Environment

Findings from a worldwide study

05/07/08: National Geographic and GlobeScan present the Greendex

14-Country survey ranks consumer environmental behavior

04/15/08: Most countries continue to support the free market system, but support has eroded

Findings from a recent global poll

04/01/08: Global Poll Shows Views of US Improve

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

03/20/08: Poll shows rifts in transatlantic relations, but Europeans and Americans want closer ties

New findings from a poll conducted for the British Council

03/10/08: Global Poll Suggests Declining Support for Tough Measures against Iran's Nuclear Programme

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

02/25/08: Global Poll finds G7 Citizens Critical of Putin's Impact on Russian Democracy

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

02/06/08: Global Poll finds Widespread Unease about Economy and Globalisation

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll


12/20/07: Sustainability and Business: Where Has It Been? Where Is It Going?

Doug Miller writes in The Conference Board of Canada's CSR Review

12/19/07: Corporate Citizenship Action Not Yet Keeping Pace with Attitudes among U.S. Business Leaders

Findings from a survey conducted for the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

12/10/07: Global Survey Lets On-the-Ground Climate Decision Makers Be Heard

The Bali Climate Conference 2007 Survey

12/10/07: World Divided on Press Freedom

Latest findings from a BBC World Service poll

11/12/07: Three-Quarters Say Governments Should Look Beyond Economics and Measure Social and Environmental Progress

Findings from a survey conducted for Ethical Markets Media

11/05/07: Most of the world would pay to fight climate change

Latest findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/25/07: 21-nation Poll Suggests that All Countries Need to Take Major Steps on Climate Change

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/18/07: People in North America, Europe, and Australia increasingly critical of corporate performance on CSR; those in emerging markets far more positive

Findings from GlobeScan's 25-nation CSR Monitor

09/04/07: Increasing Majority Call Canada's Pollution Laws Inadequate

Latest findings from The 2007 Canadian Environmental Monitor poll

07/09/07: 22-nation Poll Finds that Majority Want Troops Out of Iraq Within a Year

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

06/13/07: GlobeScan Launches 2007 Climate Change Survey of 20,000 People Across 20 Countries

Society's attitudes toward climate change and how it should be addressed

05/23/07: 13-nation Tracking Poll Findings Suggest Rising Protectionist Sentiment Will Make the Doha Trade Round Almost Impossible to Achieve

Latest findings from GlobeScan's public opinion research

03/06/07: 27-nation Poll Finds that Most People Believe Israel and Iran Have a Mainly Negative Influence in the World

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

02/19/07: 27-nation Poll Finds that Religion and Culture Are Not to Blame for Tensions between Islam and the West

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

02/05/07: Indians Proud of Country But Worried Caste System is Holding Country Back

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll in India

1/26/07: GlobeScan, Siemens and MRC publish Megacity Report

Findings focus on transportation issues, interest in renewable energy

1/23/07: 25-nation Poll Reveals World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll


10/18/06: 25-nation Poll Reveals World Citizens Reject Torture

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/21/06: 25-nation Poll Shows Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Cause Concern

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

09/06: Companies Commited to Sustainability and Consumer Brand Choice

GlobeScan researchers write in “Brand Strategy Magazine”

08/29/06: Sustainability Experts Survey on Climate Change

A Survey of Sustainability Experts and in-depth Interviews with Climate Change Solution Providers

08/10/06: High Expectations of Global Companies in the Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS

New findings from the 2006 African in the New Century study

07/13/06: 19-Nation Poll Finds Energy Policies Threaten Environment, Economy and Peace

New findings from a major BBC World Service poll

05/03/06: Media More Trusted than Governments

10-Nation BBC/Reuters/MediaCenter "Trust in the Media" Poll Results

04/24/06: 30-Country Poll Finds Growing Worldwide Concern over Climate Change

New findings from the 2006 Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor

02/28/06: 35-Nation Poll Finds Iraq War Has Increased Global Terrorist Threat

Latest findings from a major BBC World Service poll

02/03/06: 33-Nation Poll Finds Iran Seen as Playing Negative Role; US Continues to Get Low Marks

New findings from a recent BBC World Service poll

01/24/06: 32-Nation Poll Finds Diverse Economic Perceptions. World Bank viewed as...

Findings from a recent BBC World Service Poll

01/20/06: Sustainability Experts evaluate WEF on Global Governance

John Elkington of SustainAbility discusses the findings of GlobeScan's Survey of Sustainability Experts on global governance and the future agenda for the World Economic Forum, which meets in Davos this week.

01/11/06: New Findings from The GlobeScan Report on Issues and Reputation

20-Nation Poll Finds Strong Support for Free Market System but also For More Regulation


12/30/05: Results of Latest BBC World Service Poll

27-Country Poll Finds Iraq War, Tsunami, and US Hurricanes Most Significant Events of 2005.

12/14/05: Global Nuclear Survey: Public Support for New Power Plants Remains Tentative

Sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, an 18-nation public opinion survey exploring nuclear power

12/14/05: Geneva: Trust in Governments, Corporations and Global Institutions Continues to Decline

Latest World Economic Forum Poll on Trust, conducted by GlobeScan

08/05/05: Toronto: GlobeScan achieves ISO 9001:2000 certification

On August 5, 2005, GlobeScan's Head Office Quality Management System was certified

06/29/05: African and U.S. Public Favor U.N. Intervention in Darfur

A joint press release from GlobeScan and the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)

06/21/05: The Promise and Challenge of Sustainable Development

GlobeScan Board Chair, Lord Holme gives keynote address at Conference Board's Business & Sustainability conference

04/19/05: Major, Irreversible Damage to Human, Social, and Ecosystem Health Likely, Civil Leaders Say

Latest findings from the 2020 Fund's Global Stakeholder Panel

04/08/05: Citizens of the World Want UN Reform

Commentary by Doug Miller, GlobeScan President

04/06/05: "Who Will Lead the World?"

New GlobeScan/PIPA Poll released with The Brookings Institution shows rise of Europe

03/21/05: Results of Latest BBC World Service Poll

23-Country Poll Finds Support for Dramatic Changes at UN

03/06/05: Results of Third BBC World Service Poll

22-nation poll shows China viewed positively by most countries including its Asian neighbours.

01/25/05: Results of Second BBC World Service Poll

Most of 22 nations polled are pessimistic about the global economy.

01/19/05: Results of First BBC World Service Poll

In 18 of 21 countries polled, most see Bush's reelection as negative for world security.

2004 and earlier


  1. Global Public Opinion on the US, World Trade, and Globalization (June 2004)
  2. Privatization: People Want Less in Water and Oil, More in Transportation (July 2003)
  3. People around the World Believe that Globalization Concentrates Wealth (July 2003)
  4. Privatizing the Water Commons (March 2003)
  5. World Social Forum Poll on Globalization (January 2003)
  6. Latest World Economic Forum Poll on Trust in Leaders (January 2003)
  7. World's Citizens Have Great Expectations of Globalization (June 2002)
  8. Special Report on Consumerism (Feb. 2002)
  9. Poll Findings Suggest Trouble Ahead for the Globalization Agenda (April 2001)



  1. Corporate Responsibility in Japan as published in the US and Asian editions of the Wall Street Journal (September 2004)
  2. Update - Public Trust Is Recovering: Survey Reveals Trust in Global Companies at Pre-Enron Levels (March 2004)
  3. Guess What? People Do Read CSR Reports
  4. Public Still Can't Name a Socially Responsible Company (June 2003)
  5. CSR Europe interviews Doug Miller on the growing CSR phenomenon and business' vital role in the future (July, 2002)
  6. American Public Support for Greater Regulatory Oversight of the Economy Is Up Sharply
  7. 3rd Annual CSR Monitor Released (May 2002)
  8. USA, Canada, UK and Mexico are the Most Demanding Markets for CSR (July 2001)
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor 2001: Executive Brief (June 2001)
  10. American Companies Face Growing Pressure to Deliver the Social Goods (Feb 2001)
  11. Millennium Poll on CSR: Executive Brief (Sept 1999)


  1. First-Ever Global Poll on Humanity's Relationship with Nature: Inaction on Species Loss Seen Leading to a Catastrophic Outcome (November 2004)
  2. People Increasingly Pessimistic about the Impact of Environmental Problems on Health of Future Generations (December 2003)
  3. New Poll Shows G8 Citizens Want Legally-Binding Climate Accord (July 2001)
  4. World Wants More Legislation and Better Efforts from Industry (Feb 2001)
  5. People in World's Poor Cities Concerned about Health Impacts of Pollution (Jan 2001)
  6. 5th Annual international Environmental Monitor Released (Jan 2001)
  7. Biotech for Medicines and Cloning: Yes or No? (Dec 2000)


  1. African Public Opinion on HIV/AIDS, Trade, and Trust (June 2004)


  1. Opinion Divided on Whether Governments Should Sue Food Companies for Causing Obesity (Dec. 2003)
  2. Concern about Diet-Related Disease Expected to Drive Consumer Appetite for Healthier Food Choices (Nov. 2002)
  3. Food Companies Held Accountable Ahead of Governments for Ensuring Food Safety (May 2001)


  1. Experts Pessimistic about Upcoming Kyoto Protocol Meeting in The Hague (Nov 2000)


  1. New Poll Shows Canadians Would Condemn Rejection of Kyoto (June 2002)
  2. Poll Shows Quebec City Protesters Moved Public Opinion (May 2001)
  3. Canadian Opinion on Climate Change Action In Advance of COP-6 (Oct 2000)
  4. Canadian Opinion on Drinking Water in the Aftermath of Walkerton (July 2000)
  5. Canadians Want Tough Laws Now to Protect Wildlife (August 2000)


  1. What Global Stakeholders think and want for the year 2020 (January 2003)


  1. Students Think That There Should be More CSR Taught at Universities (June 2003)


  1. Global public prefers Kerry over Bush: Results of our 35-nation US election poll released (September 2004)
  2. Lord Holme to Chair Environics International's Advisory Council (February 2003)

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